May 2019
Press reports

Fernando Mourao’s death : an in-depth investigation is expected

“The investigator focused on my husband without letting him go. Accusing and discharging him !”, said the indicted man’s wife, furiously. “They were obsessing with me !” added the husband. Simone Tourny told the press that her husband was supported by the Fernando family. “Two of his brothers and two of his sisters are on our side”, she says.

“I wouldn’t say it that way”, replies Attorney Juliette Chapelle, who represents the plaintiffs. “My clients are not expected to be for or against Mister Tourny, they only want the truth. It can be said that, for now, they are not convinced by Tourny’s version, even though it seems to be the investigative judge’s favorite one, who didn’t put anyone else under investigative arrest and has activated article 175 of the French criminal procedure code (this article orders the investigative judge to transfer the case to the prosecuting judge in order to obtain their requirements as soon as the investigative phase is over). My clients ask that the investigation team explores in-depth every possible scenario, a mission that, according to us, has been neglected”, thinks Juliette Chapelle.

To get access to the full version (in French) of the article, click here.

Juliette Chapelle has been designated in order to counsel and represent some members of the victim’s family, who was found dead his home, in March 2016.

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